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Entering this brave new world of livejournalling (is that even a word?...it seems we need new ones all the time to explain actions and feeling in this everchanging cyberworld). Maybe it should be lifejournaling as that seems more appropriate.

A little about me, in cause anyone actually finds and reads this thing:

1. 40 years old

2. Mother of three cats, and the more I know other people's kids, the happier I am to not have my own.

3. Lawyer

4. Arizona resident, world-citizen

5. Bi-lingual (French) and most of family still living in France.

6. Fanfic writer, but law school put a HUGE dent in the time I had to do that....still trying to reawaken the more creative side of my brain.

7. Have a HUGE unfinished La Femme Nikita story that was once posted (but the website is now gone) would love to finish it one day.

8. Completely addicted to CSI and Stargate (including the new Atlantis version).

9. Constantly search the net for that piece of writing that will make me sit in awe of it's beauty. I love words and there are a few out there who use them with such precision and near perfection that I re-read sentences for the joy of I find in the combination of nouns and verbs and such.

10. Have a love for dark fiction as my slightly bruised soul and psyche understands the pain found there.

Hope someday someone will see this and I'll know I'm not talking to the cyber-wind. But if I am, I think I'm okay with that too.
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