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Okay, the community is quiet and I hope this is allow, if not I apologize,

1.  It has been commented many times, that Bob was in the Air Calvary.  Does anyone know which army unit he may have been in.  I've tried figuring this out but must admit that I'm a bit confused at all the various designations.  He commented on flying various helicopters, and we have seen him fly small private aircraft, talk someone through flying a civilian private jet, and evidently even land a 777 (or was it a 767).

2.  Also, who long, generally would it take someone to make it to the rank of Sargent.  I know there is time in grade and time in service (it all gets foggy after that).  Also, how much does being in an active combat zone increase things.  Does everyone come into the Army at the same grade or can they enter at different grades?  If so, what is the difference.

3.  Does a college graduate have to enter as an Officer or can they chose to be an NCO. 

4.  How is it that Betsy, who didn't finish college, is a 2nd lieutenant?  I thought officers HAD to be college grads. But then again, I don't know anything about the Army, only a little about the Air Force when they tried desperatelyy to recruit me for DLI years abo.

Any help you guys can give me about this would be very useful.
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